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You don't have to be clever to crack the computer security of most British companies: all you have to do is stand on Waterloo station handing out cheap pens.
Guardian Online
Schofield column

Sproqit seems to have solved the problem that afflicts almost every serious business user: how do you get access to your Microsoft Outlook data when you are not at your PC?
Guardian Online

Not everyone is interested in the Internet, including 42% of Americans, according to a new study. The Penis Blog. Toolbars for search engines. Online Etch A Sketch. Six of the best: soccer sites
Web watch

How many dead pixels are acceptable on an LCD screen? Putting MS Publisher files on the Web.
Ask Jack

Japanese computer companies (Toshiba, Sony, NEC) are becoming major players while American ones (Packard Bell, Apple, Gateway) are in retreat. The move to notebook PCs and mobile devices plays to the Japanese strengths, so the focus of the industry is shifting towards Japan.....
Computer Weekly

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