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Wi-Fi for the Wary. Wireless networking has been a huge success, but it would still be a good idea to think carefully before upgrading from 802.11b -- today's standard -- to 802.11a or 11g.
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The Webby Award nominations have been unveiled, so now you can vote. Where to find information about Sars. The BBC's search for Great Books. Optimus Prime goes to war. Terminator 3: the trailer is now online -- and so is the trailer for the next Lara Croft movie. PowerPoint Hamlet wins award. Six of the best: War news
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One way to make sure you don't overwrite your original file in Microsoft Word when you use it to create a new one. A macro program to save keystrokes. What does 403 mean (accessing Al Jazeera)? Psynchronising a Psion handheld with Novell GroupWise. The wholly bogus printer driver message. Backchat: how to fry a chip.
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