I'm tracking technology, and technology is tracking me


Casino rewards total loyalty
Harrah's uses a loyalty card that pays back points and "comps" in exchange for the ability to track your gambling habits.
Guardian Online

"It was not a rational buy."
The Mac was launched 20 years ago, and while the launch advert was brilliant, sales flopped.....
Schofield column
Guardian Online

Phishing warning: an unfixed bug in Microsoft's Internet explorer means you can't trust links in e-mail, and you can't trust the address bar to tell you where you are -- as customers of a large British bank have recently learned. Also, tracking paperwork with bar codes, connecting wirelessly to the garden shed, and finding an upgrade to the antique Schedule+.
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Mars today -- with the first 360 degree panorama; The Saddam Hussein Sourcebook online; making molecules out of balloons; free legal advice in the UK; Microsoft community sites with built-in blogging, and the Goat Game that teaches kids about recycling. Six of the best: Chinese New Year.
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