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Google fights for top spot
Google is planning to go public, but Yahoo and Microsoft are planning to knock it off its search perch.
Guardian Online

Clash of the Titans
Sony Ericsson P900 v XDA2. Which is best, the phone that includes an organizer or the organizer than includes a phone?
Guardian Online

Portable memory devices: we've moved on from floppies....
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Guardian Online

The keys to productivity: learn some combos, speed up your work, and reduce the risk of RSI.
Schofield column
Guardian Online

Getting your PC to fetch the correct time. Accessing sites that redirect you to a different country -- inlcuding the Microsoft Update site. The Thumbs.db file in Windows XP. Backchat: more on sending video clips and controlling Windows start-up programs.
Ask Jack

The passage of call centre jobs to India is causing alarm in the UK, but IT companies operate in a global market that depends on free trade. And India also represents a huge potential market....
Computer Weekly

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