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Spam, spam, government legislation and spam...
British governments so often seem to get things wrong that the latest "anti-spam" action should come as no surprise. The quotation marks have been added because if it does have any effect, the new regulation seems more likely to encourage spam.
Schofield column
Guardian Online

Spy software; Make a Difference Day wants your IT input; hurricanes online; the 100 documents that helped shape America (and can we have a UK version); Ikea games, and World Globe for Windows. Plus: Six of the best alternatives to Google.
Web watch

Yes another Microsoft virus -- but it didn't come from Microsoft. Predictive text: word processors that guess what you are writing. Baby steps in home networking. Removing Norton AntiVirus. Backchat: more programs that watch the web for you.
Ask Jack

How their kids will learn
What will schools be like in 2033? Will they change as society changes, and how will society change if we develop computers that are smarter than we are?
The Classroom of the Future
Education Guardian

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